Incorporated in the year 1996, Keya Cosmetics Ltd is one of the leading cosmetics manufacturing companies in Bangladesh, and a popular brand name for superior quality products available at affordable prices.

With an objective to never compromise with quality, Keya Cosmetics Ltd. has established state-of-the-art facilities, equipped with the latest European machinery, and also ensures that each stage of production undergoes rigorous testing and quality assurance.


  • Adapting modern techniques and resources.
  • Providing training/seminars, secure work environment, and growth opportunities to employees.
  • Ensuring cost control and efficient usage of resources.


Keya Cosmetics Ltd. aspires to become the leading cosmetics and toiletries manufacturing company in Bangladesh, boasting a diverse product portfolio and instilling long-term brand loyalty towards its products among the people both at home and abroad.


  • To provide the best quality products using the finest ingredients.
  • To understand and meet the requirements of the consumers.
  • To implement innovative and cutting-edge technologies.
  • To maintain world-class standards in our products.


Keya Cosmetics Ltd. has a wide array of products which are being marketed both locally and abroad: Keya Super Beauty Soap, Keya Glycerin Laundry Soap, Keya Ball Soap, Keya Prickly Heat Powder, Keya Ice Magic Powder, Keya Lifeguard Soap, Keya Active Tooth Paste, Keya Shaving Cream, Super Salon Lather Shaving Cream, Keya Petroleum Jelly, Keya Lip Gel, Keya Glycerin, Keya Natural Care Shampoo, Keya Dandruff Control Shampoo, Keya Lemon Detergent powder, Keya White Plus Detergent powder, Super Excel Detergent powder, Soap Noodles (basic raw material for soap) and Refined Glycerin (pharmacy grade).

Currently Keya Cosmetics Ltd is marketing these products in local & international markets, with UNILEVER & RBBL as the biggest customers in the local market and substantial exports being conducted to India, Bhutan, Pakistan, Italy, KSA, UK, Djibouti, Mali, Chad, Senegal and the Middle East.


Keya cosmetics ltd has been standing as an emblem of the purity and cleanliness and offering the purest and cleanest and most effective cosmetics and toiletries products to its huge and vast markets throughout home and abroad.

The company began its journey with most modern and sophisticated machineries and adopted latest technologies and within a short time occupied a glorious position in the cosmetics world. Cosmetics products are manufactured with the finest ingredients of highest quality and marketed with attractive packaging in latest fashionable colours on best coverings. The company has obtained ISO 9001:2008, the 21st century’s worldwide standard for quality control and quality assurance. The company understands that the quality of its products is not only a reflection of the company but also of its valued customers. Each stage of production under goes rigorous testing and quality process. The finished products are again tested to ensure the desired standard of quality before placing products in the markets. The company has state of the art R & D laboratories with a group of experts to supervise the entire gamut of activity pertaining to the manufacturing of the products. There are scores of relevantly qualified and experienced professionals work under highly experienced supervisors to undertake the preparation of the products with minute attention given to every aspect of them. After the preparation is over the products are tested for efficiency and safety. Before leaving for the market, the products are tested for their odor and usability. Our experts take a lot of pain before giving final approval to the cosmetics and to achieve international standards.

The entire production process from research and development, compounding, filling to packaging and shipping is inspected and monitored, assuring consistent quality products. Attention to detail in production is a vital and important part of Keya Cosmetics. Quality control personnel carefully review each phase of production to insure that and users are provided with the finest products.