For 20 years Knit Composite Division has been a leading manufacturer, merchandiser and exporter of knitted garments. With state-of-the-art yarn spinning mills and fabric cutting and sewing facilities, Knit Composite Division produces the highest quality apparel in Bangladesh.


To become the consumer number one choice for apparel products by providing them with a range of the finest quality apparel and the attention and service that they deserve. The aim is to bring forward tomorrow fashion today.


  • Provide maximum satisfaction to customer.
  • Continuously improve operational efficiency.
  • Maintain reasonable/affordable rates.
  • Meet shipment deadlines as set within the contract period


The Keya Group has been producing garments for well over 20 years. We are a vertical manufacturing company consisting of three mills manufacturing the yarn spinning; fabric cut and sews facilities to exporting our apparel to our distribution centers. They facilities have state-of the-art technology and equipment resulting in higher efficiency and a quality product.

We have a driving force of experienced people leading the way to making our apparel one of the best in the world. Our success comes from high quality production and timely shipment of our apparel. The Keya USA division began operation in September 2011.


The Quality Policy of Knit Composite Division is to produce and supply garments comply to the qualitative demands of our clients, as they are modified with time and as they are described within international, European and national standards and directions.

The company’s Management develops, substantiates and applies all necessary measures for the proper installation and continuous improvement of the QA System.

The Management will also seek, pinpoint and analyze qualitative problems within entirety of corporate functions and with the help of all employees it will take every necessary measure for solving them in such a way, so that they are not repeated future.

The quality team is headed by Quality Control Manager, Group Quality In-charge and sufficient numbers of quality checkers with the help of modern technology. In order to avoid quality problems Knit Composite Division not sub letting the orders to subcontractors and ensuring the quality with stringent quality control process within the factory. Our inspectors check every single garment and affix a sticker with a Quality seal before it pass on to the next stage.


Knit Composite Division is very concerned about preventing environmental pollution. To that end, an Effluent Treatment Plant (ETP) has been established. This ETP is comprised of a big Water Treatment Plant (WTP) where all toxic water from the factory is treated and drained out into the nearby safe place, thus preventing contamination and save the environment. The management is committed to reduce waste disposal, meet all regulatory & legislative requirements and to give employees the best working environment.